Siamese have been part of our family for more than thirty years.

We are just beginning a new adventure with plans to breed our cfa registered lilac point prompted in part by the lack of any local breeders in Massachusetts.

We are working with the breeder from whom we welcomed our newest additon in interest of maintaining breed quality and appropriate registration.

We have registered with the CFA as BlkSandPhnx in tribute to our first purebred Siamese breeder. We will update at an appropriate time to reflect a more fitting tribute.

Displayed left is a true best friend, Deedee II, who we hope to meet on the rainbow bridge someday but blessed us with 18 1/2 years of amazing companionship. Our lilac point queen is carrying her very special name as Deedee III.

Oct 2023
Darci is Deedee III's daughter awarded Grand Champion status at the N.E.M.O. show Aug 2023. She is due to had her first litter 27 Nov 2023. She was paired witha beautiful male lilac point Grand Champion. She is one of the kittens on the cat tree in the Jan 2022 update. She had a small litter of two. A seal point male has been placed and we are keeping for show a chocolate point female.








Jan 2022 update
From two weeks old Nov 2021 to Jan 24, 2021. Almost ready for first innoculations
(they are close to 2 lbs but need to be there to receive shots according to our vet).

Four males and one female (top right on photo). Two males and female already spoken for. Two males still available.

Forever homes should be good to go in Feb-March



Oct 2021 update
About one year after left photo, Deedee III is had her litter 17 Nov 2021 (right photo Oct 10/24/2021) due around Thanksgiving. With much gratitude with the advice from her breeder and veterinarian she was breed with her seal point Cumo.

In classic siamese behavior, she is sitting right in front of the keyboard while trying to post this update.